Shed Dog Training Products

Here is a list of some of the most popular antler hunting dog training products that are perfect for starting the training process or staying brushed up on that older dog that has been hunting shed for a long time. has been recognized as our preferred online retailer of shed dog training products, make sure to check out their full line of products for training or general hunting dog supplies.  As a loyal site user of ours we even want to offer you a discount code on any purchase at: 5% off- CODE: DSD5


Shed Training DVD


Rack Wax Shed Dog Scent


Dog Bone Shed Training Kit

Shed Dog Training Book


Shed Antler Dog Training Liquid Scent








1) Shed Dog Training DVD by Tom Dokken

2) Dog Bone Shed Antler Training Kit For Training Your Dog by Jeremy Moore

3) Shed Dog Training Book by Tom Dokken

4) Shed Dog Antler Training Scent by Dog Bone Hunter

5) Rack Wax Training Scent for Finding Shed Antlers by Tom Dokken

These are some of the shed dog training products that can assist you in training your dog to find shed antlers!  Everything Shed Dog also offers some per-made kits that make the process of starting out with this sport much easier.  The great news is that all this training can be done by YOU…you don’t need a professional shed dog trainer.  Of course you can use a professional dog trainer (many gun dog trainers are now shed dog training) and they do a great job, but it is not necessary.  All the Shed Dog Products and Training Guides (both DVD and Books) are written for the average dog owner and can be used right at your house or local training area.  This a great sport and can really be a lot of fun for your and your dog!